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This week the title goes to David Lehre // Chad Future.

David Lehre // Chad Future

David Lehre // Chad Future

“Hello feat. Jeremy Thurber”


I first started following Dave back in 2008. He was out in Los Angeles filming videos. With new adventures he has found himself as CEO of Vendetta Studios, taking care of major contracts. He is a writer, director, actor and musician. He has a lot of talent and he knows how to use it.

This is his bio from Vendetta Studios;

David’s success as a Director and Visionary have been Featured in GQ’s “Men of the Year” issue, ABC’s 20/20 and global news outlets around the world. At age 21, David was given his own TV show with FOX after creating some of the biggest online movie phenomenon’s in history. David has directed and produced multi-million dollar commercial campaigns for Coca-Cola, American Idol, Nokia, Directv and some of the biggest brands across the world. Internationally, David has expanded his reach to work together with some of the biggest stars in Asia & Europe. His work with Agnes Monica received “Best Music Video in Asia” from the Inbox Awards along with millions of views accredited to his Chad Future project in USA, South Korea and Worldwide.

Q & A

Q: What’s your approach to song writing?

A:  For me, it starts with a great beat or instrumental.  I’m very interested musically in good instrumentals… (Sometimes I’ll just download my favorite songs instrumental tracks and listen to those.)  Once I feel the instrumental is strong and can stand on it’s own, then I begin the actual song writing process.
I’ll first listen to what kind of mood or feeling the music is creating and make a concept around that.  Then, I’ll write out a lot of phrases or verses that I feel I need to say or convey for the song.  Once I have all my phrases written out, I’ll pick my absolute favorites and create rhyming phrases to match them up with.   I usually also will listen to the song and rap/sing a bunch of non-sensical words to it… That’s usually how I’ll create the rhyme pattern or melody.

The final step is bringing the final product to my extremely talented songwriter friends and editing / Re-writing what we have to create the final product.

Sometimes, the music unfolds while you’re recording too– so the most important element to create a great song is surrounding yourself in a comfortable environment with a few select people you trust 110%.  The studio I record in feels like home to me (Media Temple in Hollywood) and honestly the studio you record in will bring a certain energy to your work.

Q: What is your overall goal for Chad Future?

A:  My goal since I was very young has always been the exact same:  To Entertain people.  It’s something I’ve been passionate about since I was 7 years old.  My specific goals change on a yearly basis, but that overall goal stays true.

Right now, My focused goal for Chad Future is to bridge the gap between K-Pop and American music and continue on the path becoming an American born K-Pop Idol.  I want to entertain, motivate, lead and inspire people around the world… and, have a great time doing it.  Making big music videos, collaborations with other artists, gaining more exposure around the world and creating great music for the world to enjoy is also my passion.  I’d love to be working and performing in Korea a lot more this year too.  Having a great TV show is a part of that plan.

Q: What was it that made you focus on music as a new hobby?

A:  I think music started as a hobby for me, but has become my new job.  I’m grateful to own a successful business and production company here in LA (Vendetta Studios) where I am able to make big music videos and commercials for some of the top artists/brands in the world, and that will always be in my life.  I’ll be 90 years old and still Directing music videos.  Right now, music is extremely important to me.

I started my love with music around the exact same time as video… When I learned to edit video, I also learned to edit and record audio.  So most of my movies and work in the past 10 years have been musically produced or managed by myself anyways.

About 3 years ago, I had the amazing honor to host the American Music Awards live pre-show with Dick Clark Productions along with my friends at Coca-Cola.  This was something I did 2 years in a row and got to spend an amazing amount of time backstage, on stage, and in the same space as the top musicians in the world.  I got to watch them rehearse, conducted interviews and basically just surrounded by the culture for months. This energy I felt was so powerful, and inside my body was screaming: “THAT’S what I wanna do!”   I don’t know how to explain it in words, but it’s a feeling we’ve all had before.  That instinctive nudge from the universe that says, “This is what you want.  This is what you should be doing.”  I guess the word is passion?

Whatever you want to call it, it was a very real moment for me and something I’ll never forget.  Not only did I know I can do it, I knew I was capable of it.  Watching Will.I.Am and Diddy “Directing” their performances reminded me of what I do when creating a project too… They are Directors just like me.  A lot of people don’t get to see that… The preparation that goes into each performance and video you see.

This moment started it, and has since turned into one of the most successful, happy and fulfilling times in my entire life.  I am so grateful for everything.  So, in a way, Music has changed my life 180 degrees in the past few years and is bringing me the life I dreamed of every single day.

Q: Why K-Pop?

A:  Have you seen it?? haha, seriously though, I challenge anyone to go watch 20 minutes of K-Pop music videos and not be blown away.  Notice the level of precision they use in their performances.  Check out the lighting, the sets, the choreography, the outfits, the video quality, the epic-ness, the production of the music… It is honestly the absolute top in the entire world.  American music and videos are great, but they are not as big as K-Pop.  The USA used to do this too, back in 1999/2000.  Something happened around 2005 though, and, for the most part, our music videos and performances got really cheap and uninspired.

Around the same time I had my break through at the American Music Awards, I also re-discovered K-Pop.  (I say “Re-Discovered” because I was first introduced to H.O.T back in 2001 and then forgot about K-Pop for about 7 years.)  I rediscovered it while watching some music videos on YouTube  When I saw a few videos back to back, once again, my mind said, “This is what I want to do.”  It was like I found my long lost soul mate in music and video.  The style that I loved so much, and that I could NOT find in American media anymore didn’t go away, it just moved to Korea.  And you know what?  They were doing it better.

I thought, “Wait a second, why don’t more people know about this?” So, one of my passions has become introducing people to the style, promoting the ideas and concepts used, and furthering the exposure of K-Pop to USA (and the world).  Basically, I think it deserves to be seen and I would like to see American artists putting this same kind of effort into their performances as well.

Q: Do you direct your own music videos?

A:  Yes.  I am also very grateful and thankful to say that I work with a team of talented people behind the scenes that help bring my visions to life.

For example, when I am performing on camera, it’s a little bit hard to be the director and worry about all the things happening on set.  You would see it in my eyes that my mind was somewhere else.  So, as a team, we’ve gotten very good about producing our music videos.

I’ll usually create the concept, “Pre-direct” everything, set up the production, pay for everything, make the phone calls, assemble the team, etc. etc.  It’s a big job.  Then, once I set foot on set, I am the artist.  I don’t touch the camera and I just trust my team 100% that they know exactly what I want and they will do it.  Once the shoot is over, I will get back into “Director mode” and collect the footage and start the editing process.  At the time of this interview, I still edit all of my own music videos.  It will be interesting to see when, if ever, that changes.  Thankful, I have a very close team that I am able to give my footage too, edit and jump in at a moments notice.  Everything you see in my music and video is very much a team effort and I am so proud of them.

Q: Who’s currently rocking your world as a producer and why?

A:  As a music producer?  The producers on my team are always rocking my world:  Baby Dee, Jai Marlon, ADR, Patrick Lukens and Sammy Naja.  I will always have a love for everything Neptunes and Pharrell.  The K-Pop producers I like are Sweet tune, E-Tribe and Brave Sound.  I also just discovered a kid named Crizzly who does some crazy remixes.

Q: Give some advice or daily motivation to your fans and people reading this.

A:  WAKE UP!  What do you love?  Think about that.  What are you thankful for?  Think about that.  Write down what you want.  No, really, write it down.  Post it up on your bathroom mirror.  Look at it every day.  Believe you can do it.  Believe you already have it.  Set goals, and make your life exciting.  You create your own life, nothing will just come to you and nothing will be handed to you.  Be brave, take risks, forget about failure.  Failing is part of success.  Print out pictures of everything you want and put it on a photo wall for your room.  Be kind and give more than you have.  Love.


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