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For this week the title goes to SupaNovaLove



“Pink Sky”

I first met Nova back when he went by the name of Fable. He was part of a local group “Go Gittaz” who made music with D-City who was part of Eclipse Productionz. I will personally say that his music has changed drastically. As an artist and a thinker it is almost a completely different person. His talents and verbal game proves that he’s different.

His album 21 Love has a few songs that made it into my current playlist, along with other songs from his bandcamp page. I would highly recommend downloading the music you will love it.

Nova was kind enough to fill out our Q&A,


Q: What’s your approach to song writing?

A: hmmmm … I kinda just go at it. Although, I write most of my songs at night. I think I prefer that the most. That’s pretty much it. I also enjoy texting women in between. Lol.


Q: What is your overall goal for the future of your music?

A: I aim to make the best music I can possibly make. I don’t have to sell the most records, or have the most money. I just want to prefect my sound. An give the people something they can hold on to. Connect with them & inspire. I’d also like to get to a certain point, where I can share the spotlight.. Nothing like getting new talent to the world.


Q: What things inspire you?

A: Awh man, so many things.. Meeting happy & positive people. Just a smile can inspire me for the moment.. Receiving good feedback on my music is like gold to me. Haha. Uhmmm.. Finding a new artist to listen to, colors, places, all that.


Q: How has your style changed from when we first met to now?

A: A LOT. I met you in about 2005-2006. I had NO direction back then, It was very fun making all that music, but it just isn’t me now. At all. I’ve developed the ART for music. An still have A very long way to go.


Q: Do you direct your own music videos, or do you decide how they look?

A: I pitch in.. I have my ideas, places, person, things. Etc.


Q: Who’s currently rocking your world as a producer/artist and why?

A: “Sango” is my fav producer. He’s does it all.. Any genre. What I like most about his music.. Are his remixes of songs. He’ll take the vocals from another artist. An put those over a beat he produced. An throw all the drops & crazy stuff in there. Dope mixes…. Now, fav artist.. I’ll have to go with “Bon iver” their actually a folk band.. I’m sure you’ve heard of them. Lol. The reason for that is. Last winter I listening to their self tilted album “Bon iver” thee whole entire time. No album has ever made me feel that way. An then I bought a earlier album of theirs tilted “for Emma, forever ago.” An that album also made me feel a way I’ve never felt about music.


Q: What is the prognosis for the music industry: terminal decline or steady recovery?

A: Not sure at the moment. Possibly a steady recovery, if we can get some more people in there that actually “care” about the music, … Music will live forever anyway. With or without the industry.


Q: Give some advice or daily motivation to your fans and people reading this,

A: I would like to thank everyone for reading this. All that time spent on this you can’t get back. Hahahah! Lol. But Fareal tho. I say.. If your passionate about something. Never stop. The end


Here are some links that he wanted us to share,

He is a class act, really nice guy. Listen to his music and spread the word of him. He has talent and I know he will be discovered.

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