Artist of the week. 2/3/13 – 2/9/13 @Lz_Fargo

We did not do an artist of the week for a while, apologies. This weeks artist of the week goes to…

Lyrx. For his song,

“No Looking Back”

In Love & War CD Cover

In Love & War CD Cover

He released his album “In Love & War” a few months ago, I still listen to it all the time. From Hearing his first album back in high school he has grown into a fantastic artist.



I did a post when his album came out, but due to a server issue the original post was lost.

I first met Lyrx way back at Kelly Middle School in Eastpointe, MI. We had a few classes together and he was even one of my roommates on the 8th grade Washington D.C. trip. At East Detroit High School in 12th grade he asked me to make his first CD cover. The Rhymebook was a good CD and showed an early Lyrx in development.

Though Contact with him diminished, we still keep in touch through Twitter and Facebook occasionally.

I know he will accomplish anything he tries and I know he will make it big. I hope that he will remember me as he graces the stage with his presence. Hopefully I will get a call to come hangout back stage with him and have a few drinks.

You can follow him on Twitter: @Lz_Fargo

Check him out on the web at

Download the album “In Love & War” here,

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