Artist of the week. 3/24/13 – 3/30/13 Cold For June

Cold for June deserves to be this weeks featured artist.


They have a lot of things going on recently, they are currently trying to get enough votes to be in the Vans Warped Tour. as of this morning (1:13am) they have a 96.6 buzz rating. If you ask me they deserve to be on that stage.


They were nice enough to fill out our Q&A, Thank you very much gentlemen!

Q: What’s your approach to writing a song?

A: Writing a song always starts with a feeling that we get after playing something together (usually acoustic guitar). Once we have a piece of material that impacts us, we take it a step further and lay it down in our studio. If the material still impacts us (hopefully more) after we have a rough take, we bring the song to our full potential and start laying down vocals. Vocals are the hardest part because they need to tell the story. If we have an impactful song, then we have to have impactful lyrics as well. Once our songs reach that point, we release them. This was how our song “Seeing” was made.

Q: What is your overall goal for the future of your music?

A: To keep making it! We have about 5 to 6 songs in the works and some really big plans on what to do with them and further our career in this industry. This is what we all want more than anything so I hope we can start touring nation wide and meet and play for all the amazing people in this world.

Q: What things inspire you?

A: Fans, other artists, and the world. Having fans for the music that you put your heart and soul into is a indescribable feeling. Seeing artists today travel the world and playing for their fans is a huge inspiration. Also, I get very into the writing process. I get so excited to show everyone I meet the material that plays in my head on a daily basis.

Q: How do you feel about the music industry today?

A: Well it changes all the time and it’s not easy to keep up with! I took some classes on it and learned a lot. It has it’s ups and downs but it’s like, what doesn’t in this world!? I could sit there and complain about it but I’d rather take it for what it is and enjoy it because honestly, I’m fascinated by it. I want to learn as much as I can about it and so do the guys.

Q: Who’s currently rocking your world as a producer/artist/group and why?

A: Producers: John Feldman, Joey Sturgis, and Cam Mizell. These guys have consistently strong mixes and bring out the best of their artist’s writing and talents. You can hear it when you listen. As far as artists, I listen to so much it’s ridiculous. Me, my brother, and Dave did just get really into the new Bring Me The Horizon album though, it’s awesome!

Q: What is the prognosis for the music industry: terminal decline or steady recovery?

A: Music stays pretty consistent as far as I see it so I say neither. People will always need music. I mean yeah, you can download any and every song for free  but I actually like that! We’ve had over 1000 downloads of our free EP and being on people’s iPods is an amazing feeling! That just means the money has to be made another way (Merch, touring, etc).

Q: Give some advice or daily motivation to your fans and people reading this,

A: My advice is don’t give up on your dreams and don’t let anyone stand in your way of them unless that person is part of your dreams. This life is too short. I never would of thought Cold for June would be 5th in the nation for a warped tour contest but it happened and I’m so thankful to the fans for the ongoing support. I am also thankful to have such awesome dudes on my team. Start today so you can look back a year from now and say look how much I’ve done 🙂

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Here are a few of their songs

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