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791zero Network is a community website where we create all original weekly shows. The shows range from tech news, video game play thru, and a podcast based on the City of Detroit. Each show ranges from 7 minutes to almost an hour. Each of the show’s hosts have a huge knowledge and expertise on the subjects that they cover.

Each show is 100% HD (1080 to be exact), It is important to us that you receive the best quality content in more ways than one! Our podcast is live on iTunes and the Google Play Music market place. Each podcast episode is a high quality low bitrate for your streaming convenience.

Brief History

791zero was crafted in 2003 by Michael Field. Originally a video game website, dedicated to bringing the best game information possible. However, things change over time and the project was scrapped. The site was transformed into a media hub in 2011 with fresh content on the way. Since 2012 791zero has been dedicated in bringing the best Detroit content to the viewers. In 2015 is when the jump was made to start releasing fresh video content in a variety of ways.


The shows that are currently produced are all different in nature, each show is crafted to carry over a special message that will resonate with you. If you have a love for tech, video games, hilarious commentary or if you just like to listen we have stuff here for you!

Advertisement & Sponsorship

We are currently looking for advertisers and sponsors to support the site. If you own a company or would like to plug your product please fill out the form on the here. Please allow a 24 hour turnaround time for a response. With a direct connection to our audience you will see results in no time.


Each show is distributed here on the website, and videos are on the YouTube platform. Our podcast is live on iTunes and the Google Play Music store.


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