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We have a small amount of topics that we post on here. Generally it’s just new videos here and there. But feel free to browse around. Back when this site was dedicated to new music and photography, there is a huge collection of hidden stuff around the site. Try and find it.

Our Home - Detroit

We post some content on this site. Probably about a place you don’t really think about. Detroit is our home and we love it. You will see articles posted on the great city. We also have a partner website Emotion Detroit that shares the positive outlook on the city’s revival.


We like cars around here. Not just regular cars, rare cars. And old pictures that have old cars in them, get it?


We use to promote local up coming artists in the Metro Detroit area. We still have all of our “Artist of the week” and links active. Take a listen, you may find something you like.


“Picture of the day” was a fun daily topic to do, we would share a photo from a local photographer, one to help them out and two, give people something to look at. There is about 6 monthsish worth of photos to discover.


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