February is the time to come back!

Where has the time gone? It has been months since I have taken the time to do anything on the site. Since August I have been finishing school, working full time, helping out with side projects here and there and I have been waiting to get my house. Now that I only have one class left (I’m in it right now) I will have a lot more free time. I have also gotten the news that I will be getting my place in February so that is another plus.

All sorts of ideas have been flowing through my head. I have made some new friends/ partners for this site. I hope to share them with you all soon.

As you can see the site went through a transformation, It is more organized content and web, mobile, tablet friendly. There are many things that you will see have changed, and it has a more uniformed look. There will be constant improvements and many new features to help the user experience.


There has been all sorts of fun stuff going on around this city, Of course the NAIAS is finishing up in town. I had an opportunity to make it down there on the 23rd. There is a lot of awesome stuff that is coming out, and some really cool concepts. My favorite was the Cadillac Elmiraj. That is a really really sharp looking vehicle.

There have been a few new movies that have been filmed here, Transformers, Robocop to name a couple. The city has also seen its first white mayor Mike Duggan in a few decades.



We are of course affiliated with Emotion Detroit. A fantastic site that shares images and the hidden articles that promote good within the city. We are basically more than affiliated, the sites are pretty much the same network of sorts. We are both looking for great promoters and contributors for the sites. If you are interested please check out the Contact Page for more information.


N&M Project

I have been doing my research for cameras on the market, I have found a few that I have to get my hands on, after I find the lucky winner Noel and myself will start bringing you our weekly news show. We will cover hot topics and interesting finds locally and internationally.


This one is still up in the air, We have ideas that we can get rolling with but getting everyone together to make something happen is the challenging part.

Pictures and Artists

I had a huge blast gathering images from models, photographers and meeting and chatting with local artists. However I don’t think the picture of the day and artist of the week will make a return. They will be posted when I have the time or when I find different things to do. I will always be looking for user submitted artists and photos. Things that will be shared on the sites will be coming in at first come first post.

Content Writers

Love Detroit? Love Music? Photography? Art? Then we’re looking for you! As stated above we are looking for content writers, people who love to share information and who have basic knowledge of WordPress. This will be a non-paid job, something to do on the side to get a jump into it. We are looking for advertisers or investors, when that time comes money will follow too.

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