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Frenemies Play was a original show started by Dan. After taking a hiatus from the show, he brought it back with new members. The team will do a play through of popular games, and provide their commentary for the episode.

They traditionally release an episode every few days. Sometimes the releases follow the story or they may introduce a different game between sets. Ya know, just trying to stay current in the world. They have a lot of fun doing it and love all of the support.


Started: May 5, 2015


Noel Danyluk
Antonio Simmond
Dan Edington
Matt Shoobridge

Show Style: Gaming

faviconRandom Facts

  • There are so many episodes filmed, they stop filming and release for 2 months.
  • They record at Noels
  • Filming goes from 8pm-??
  • They are rediculous


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