Mr. & Mrs. Gaming

Michael & Melanie

Mike and Melanie are married and love to play video games. LOVE TO. So they decided to start recording their games and make a show out of it. It’s a good thing for a husband and wife to relieve stress in a fun way. Sit back and enjoy their commentary of their adventures!

This show is recorded randomly. So don’t be expecting weekly releases or anything similar to that. Okay?


Started: October 25, 2015


Melanie Field
Michael Field


Devin Field

Show Style: Video Game Playthrough

faviconRandom Facts

  • This show is recorded in 15 min intervals
  • They film at the Field house
  • The first game of the show was Until Dawn
  • Devin is in the first 3 episodes
  • This show is released randomly
  • Mike & Melanie are married

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