N & M Project

Noel & Mike Project

Noel and Mike got the idea to do a show like this years ago, 2008 to be exact. After trials on how to approach the shows unique style they finally nailed it. They each cover three articles of their own, so six total. The stories that they cover are the ones that you may have missed on social media. They start by sharing the story, elaborating on it what it was about and that is what sparks the discussion. Each episode is usually anywhere between 30-40 min long. So turn the show on and sit back and enjoy the conversation!

The Episodes for this show are generally released weekly, however sometimes they don’t always film weekly, they both have regular jobs and they can do this when they can.


Started: May 16, 2015


Noel Danyluk
Michael Field

Show Style: News – Technology, Science, Gaming

faviconRandom Facts

  • There are actually two pilots for this show
  • They film at Mikes House
  • They are always drinking something
  • Mike loves space
  • Noel’s Mac battery is broken


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