The D-Line

The Motor City Podcast

If Mike and Armand have one thing in common it’s the love for the city of Detroit. The idea was born from the articles that are shared on Armands site – Emotion Detroit. Armand captures the positive memories and current topics perfectly on his site. So they thought … “Hey why not talk about what you share in a podcast style?” It was born soon after.

The show is produced in a weekly format, you can listen to the site here, or from iTunes or Google Play. Love Detroit.


Started: October 22, 2015


Armand Leal
Michael Field

Show Style: News – Detroit

faviconRandom Facts

  • Mike and Armand met in college
  • They record at Mikes House
  • They really just wing the show
  • Mike likes to make fun of Armand
  • Armand likes to make jokes that Mike doesn’t like

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