The Simple Life of Peter Flynn

The Simple Life of Peter Flynn is an indie movie set to start filming in August. The movie is going to be produced by 3am Films from Oklahoma. I have teamed up with the crew to help turn 3am Films into something special. I have designed the website and I am involved with the production of the movie as well as having a small role.

Please visit for more information on the company and the movie.

Click to visit the Kickstarter

Click to visit the Kickstarter

Here is the skinny:

Peter Flynn is an average guy. He works from home, he has his buddies, and he has his cereal bars. Would he be happy if he had a little more? Sure. But he’s content. Then there’s Brenda, Peter’s co-worker. They’ve never met in person but two people could not be closer. Their chemistry is obvious. But before they tell each other how they feel, Peter is fired and loses his ability to communicate with Brenda. Does Peter give up? Not a chance. Now the real challenge begins. Peter goes on a quest to find Brenda and tell her exactly how he feels. All he has to do now is jump a few hurdles…maybe break into a business?

This movie is going to be funded by YOU the viewer, our goal to raise $15,000. If we do not reach that goal we will not be able to film the movie. So please share and contribute!

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