Update! Where things have been.


let me explain what has been going on. I have found myself more focused on work at the moment. Over the last week with the holiday I decided that I wasn’t going to feature a new artist of the week. There will be one next week, I promise.


I am currently looking for different photographers and models that would like to showcase their work on the site whether for an image of the day or on a post/interview with them. If you know anyone please let us know by commenting on the post or hitting us up on Facebook or Twitter.


If you would like to start contributing to the site let me know, I will gladly have you jump on board with the team.


I would like to kindly thank Joe Hartman for making the “Hangin’ With JRock” videos. They make me laugh every week, he is really funny. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out do it here.


mikedevinannounceMy brother and I are working on something for you guys. Not going to go into a lot of detail at the moment but we are slowly putting something together. Make sure you check back here for updates or stalk my Facebook or Twitter to see what we’re up to.


I would like to thank everyone who visits the site on a regular basis, it really means a lot. I’m in the works in getting t-shirts designed and vinyl stickers created.

After this week we will have some good news, posts, and more.


<3 MF


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