What’s the point of a witty title?

So for those of you who were regular visitors of the site for the video content, I have been on a hiatus for the last few months. Obviously. I for the most part have left the site unattended, but hopefully that will change soon. I have kind of been going through a rough patch, trying to juggle work and free time. The summer has been good, I have been playing games as usual, I have been working a lot, recently I have started bringing my work home with me. I really haven’t talked to my co-star Noel on a regular basis as of late, hopefully I can get my stuff together and start making more NMP videos, I really enjoyed making those. We covered a lot of interesting topics and different crazy shit, it was always a good time.

The D-Line – Armand and myself have both been really busy with different things going on in our lives. It was either the last two podcasts or the last one, we weren’t even meeting up to record them anymore. We would be talking on the phone with our microphones on, and he would send me the audio to edit and I would have to line them up to make it sound like we were right next to each other. It wasn’t as much fun that way. We both forgot one Thursday to record and the rest writes itself.

The more recent project that I started with my beautiful wife, Mr. & Mrs. Gaming, we hit a no video game time. We were always just so exhausted from work by the time we got home (yes we work together). It was mainly home, dinner, bed, rinse and repeat. Like I said above, we both still play video games from time to time, but the recording didn’t seem as important. I think that will change soon as well. I think that we will find another game or continue our Battlefront series.

So this is just an update to what I have been up to. I hope to get my shit together and start making some quality content again. Time will tell.



FYI article photo is courtesy of www.thecitypictures.net, from inside of the train station downtown.

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