Where have I been? Home, Work and a Movie.

This has been the ultimate question … from my last update post that I did in February where I said that I was going to start posting regularly again and what not … yeah that obviously didn’t happen. I have had a crazy time since the end of February. Allow me to elaborate, I have once again found myself being overtaken with my work responsibilities. I easily put anywhere between 45 to 50 hours in there when I’m only supposed to be there for the regular 40. I’m not sure, but pretty positive that this is the reason why I haven’t dedicated a lot of time to the website.


Since the beginning of April I finally got my own place so you know what that means – remodel. I have spent the last two months painting; patching, sanding, cutting and even some custom work on this humble abode. Late nights up to 2 or 3am working on this place just so that I can call it home. I have had help – that made it so much easier, now this place is pretty much done so that I can live comfortably.

Lindsey Kenaan

Last time I did my update post I said that I was going to feature a post for Lindsey Kenaan. I still plan to do that this week. She is such a sweet girl, I feel terrible that I couldn’t deliver the post when I said I could. I have a whole bunch of photos that she sent me, I’m sure that they are on Facebook but I don’t know … I don’t really go on there anymore. There is a nice little Q&A in there too, I hope you all enjoy it.

What the hell is 3am Films?

3am Films is a upcoming production company based out of Oklahoma. I made contact with an old friend (who is family) and he informed me that he was working on a new script. I was curious as to what it was so Charles was nice enough to fill me in and send me a copy of the script. We have been chatting away since early March; he was nice enough to even write me a part in the movie! After accepting that invitation out to Oklahoma, I was even offered a spot on the 3am Films team! I recently just finished the website for the company and filming will commence in August. We have a Kickstarter running as of right now to help out funding. This has really truly been an awesome experience, late conference call meetings discussing equipment, actors, lodging, film locations, it’s been amazing.

Visit 3amfilms.com


After all of this script reading that I’ve done for The Simple Life of Peter Flynn, it got my creative juices flowing. I’m writing a script of my own! It’s not a movie; it’s for a video game. I like mystery style games like L.A. Noir for example. I’m sure no one knows but my family has a strong police background. So I’m using that as inspiration.

The game will be made by Noel Danyluk and me. I already have a few pages written up for dialog, and the play by play written. We are going to create a new production name, meaning we will not be using 791 or the TriHazzard name for development. More details when I feel like making them public.

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